About Us

Subicare is a not for profit community based centre located in the heart of Subiaco. It is dedicated to providing quality care and early years education for children aged 0-5 years old.

Our vision is to support children to become resilient, self-confident, respectful and knowledgeable individuals, well equipped to succeed in their life long journey of learning and development.

Lindsay Poggenpoel
Subicare Early Learning Centre


Our Philosophy

At Subicare Early Learning Centre we value early childhood education and aim to positively contribute to the development and learning of every child while adhering to the standards, principles, practices and outcomes set out within the National Quality Framework and the WA Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines. We recognise that every child is unique and as such need to be supported as they develop and learn in their own way and at their own pace, to reach their full potential.

At the foundation of our curriculum are our values of establishing and maintaining nurturing and respectful relationships and the importance of learning through play in fun and engaging ways. We believe in providing an inclusive environment and fostering opportunities for children to build resilience, explore their natural curiosity and engage in meaningful interactions. All of which are vital elements of learning and development during children’s formative years.

We at Subicare consistently strive to:

  • Recognise and respect the traditional owners of our land, the Whadjuk Noongar people, and Indigenous elders past, present and future.
  • Embrace diversity and promote multiculturalism, which further strengthens a sense of belonging.
  • Uphold sustainable practices and be environmentally responsible.
  • Establish and uphold strong, respectful and reciprocal relationships with children, families, staff and the wider community.
  • Provide safe, stimulating, engaging and inclusive environments and experiences that extend on children’s knowledge and skills and encourage confidence, building resilience and independence.
  • Encourage children’s agency and involve them in decision making about their learning and environments, respecting that their ideas, interests and opinions are an integral part of their own learning journey.
  • Inform, seek input from and maintain effective communication with service families.
  • Value all staff, their experiences and opinions, offering regular opportunities to contribute ideas and input, and further enhance knowledge and encourage professional development.

Our service’s ethos places emphasis on the importance of social connection and with this belief in mind, our service practices encompass key elements of many different early childhood theories. Each care area within our service has its own philosophy, derived from our service values, input sought from children, families and staff and linking to elements of relevant early childhood theories, based on the age and abilities of the children within them.

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Our Team

The team at Subicare is led by our centre director, supported by a management team comprised of the centre manager, education manager and senior team leader.

Each care area is run by a team of senior educators and educators, with our kindy room led by our qualified early childhood teacher and team of educators. We are also very fortunate to have a sustainability coordinator to lead the service staff and children in sustainable practices.

Our kitchen is run by two talented food coordinators and a member of the administration team is available each day for any of your admin queries.


Our Board

Subicare is a not for profit incorporated association, run by a volunteer board working closely with centre management.
The Subicare board aims to be actively involved in the development and implementation of service policies and practices that are reflective of Subicare’s centre philosophy and values. Parent-based management enables families to be involved in an advisory and consultative capacity, while collaboratively creating strategic objectives for the service. Expressions of interest are always welcome from families to be involved in the Board or its sub-committees.

For more information contact Lindsay.

Current Board Members:

Chair - Emma Thunder

Treasurer - Francisco Aguirre

Secretary - Eveline Masco

General Member - Giselle Weybrecht

General Member - Katherine Vines

General Member - Beibei Yu

General Member - Jonathon Vaisey

General Member - Michael Cowley

General Member - Jessie Poon


Our Values


We are committed to ensuring a safe, supportive, respectful and nurturing environment for children, their families, and our staff. We aim to provide a high-quality service that is accessible and affordable.


We are focused on developing open and trusting relationships with our families, staff, Board and other related organisations in order to create a healthy and resilient community.


We support the individual growth of our children and staff. We help everyone progress towards achieving their potential not just for now, but with lessons about themselves and the world around them that will set them up for life.


We value diversity and inclusivity. We respect and celebrate our differences and focus on what unites us.


We take fun seriously and use it to engage children in their learning and developing their curiosity as part of evidence informed curriculum.