Care Areas

Educational Programs

Each of our care areas are run with the needs and interests of our children as the primary focus. Child-led observations drive our educational programs and daily routines are created with children's individual needs and preferences in mind, in an effort to consistently provide a safe, secure and nurturing learning environment for your child.

We also offer a range of extra-curricular activities throughout the week such as French lessons, yoga lessons and soccer lessons. At Subicare we respect and celebrate important cultural dates and events relevant to those in our community, reflecting the broad diversity of our families, educators and wider community members.


Daily Updates

Our educators provide families with a daily report of the day's activities and captures each child's achievements through regular photos, learning stories and documentation.

We use Kindyhub, a web-based software app, to easily share this information with our families.


You can view a sample menu here.

Food and Nutrition

We believe that a healthy diet is essential for a child’s development. Because of this we have collaborated with Nourished Beginnings, a leading nutritionist within the early childhood sector. Our food coordinators are dedicated to to providing healthy and nutritious meals, that give your child the best possible chance to grow and flourish.

Food is provided four times a day...

Morning Tea: Children are served varieties of fresh fruit, along with a freshly prepared item from our whole food menu, together with a glass of milk.

Lunch: A delicious, healthy meal is provided with water and accompanied by natural yoghurt or apple and cheese after the meal, to promote good dental hygiene.

Afternoon Tea: Again children are served varieties of fresh fruit, along with a freshly prepared item from our whole food menu, together with a glass of milk.

Late Snack: At 5.30pm children are provided with a light snack to tide them over until dinner time.

It is essential that food is interesting for the children, so frequent changes of menu and creative serving are an essential part of our meal program. We strictly adhere to any special diet and allergy requirements (if any) for each child. Specific forms to declare any special food requirements and/or allergies are provided at enrolment. Our food coordinator is happy to answer any questions you may have.


Our Garden

At Subicare, our children play an active role in taking care of our organic garden which is made up of native species of herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Learning about the world around us and maintaining a sense of belonging is a key component of our educational program. Having the opportunity to plant, maintain and harvest our own produce to be used in our menus, further supports our children’s learning.



Sustainability and being environmentally responsible is extremely important for us here at Subicare. We pride ourselves on our sustainable practices and that our children are actively involved in all of our environmentally responsible initiatives.

Regular sustainable practices such as recycling, adding food scraps to our worm farm and water/energy conservation are embedded throughout our service. We are also so fortunate to have a strong connection with the Earthwise community next door, who undertake a variety of community and environmental activities and initiatives.

In support of these efforts, we are proud to have created a recycling guide for our families, to assist with being environmentally responsible.

You can view the full recycling guide here

SUBICARE FEATURED: Our centre was recently featured as a case study for Little Green Steps WA and the Australian Association for Environmental. Education WA. Click here to read the article.


Our Families

Family input and participation is highly valued and encouraged at Subicare. We organise several social events through the year and numerous information sessions for families too. Parents are also encouraged to become further involved by volunteering to become a board member, or a member of our different sub-committees, working toether to make Subicare even better for our children.

Click here to learn more.


Our Community

We have been an established part of our local community since 1986 and a key focus for our service is giving back to our local community.

Community initiatives such as volunteering, clothing and goods donations and maintaining strong relationships with local organisations are just some of the ways Subicare gives back. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to get involved in our local community, if you have any ideas or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you!


Sheila Humphries

Subicare is proud to have a strong connection with Sheila Humphries. Sheila is a Noongar elder, acclaimed artist, story teller and educator. Her work has been displayed internationally and is included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest piece of Aboriginal artwork. Sheila was part of the Stolen Generation and grew up on New Norcia mission in Western Australia. It was the pain of the past that led Sheila to begin traditional painting: her work is about healing, reconciliation and faith.

Our friendship with Sheila began when some of our educators were truly moved after attending one of her talks. We reached out to her afterwards, eager to learn more about her past and have Sheila share her experience and talent with our children. Sheila happily accepted the invitation and came to the centre to meet everyone.

Since then Subicare has purchased numerous paintings from Sheila that you will see displayed throughout the service, and we have collaborated with her on an art project with the children. This project came together over a number of months. Sheila and her daughter and granddaughter visited each week to host an art session with our children, painting with them using traditional techniques and telling many stories. What a privilege it was to learn from Sheila and her family and to collaborate on such a beautiful art piece. You can see the amazing mural we created in our foyer, as you walk in the front door of the centre.

We are so incredibly grateful to Sheila for taking the time to teach us all and look forward to seeing her again soon.

You can listen to Sheila’s TEDx talk about her life here.