Subicare Early Learning Centre, in the heart of Subiaco, has been providing quality community based childcare for over 30 years.

                     Open Monday to Friday (7.15am - 6.00pm) offering a fully catered, play based, early years education service for children aged 0-5 years.


"Our journey with Subicare began back in 2012 when our first daughter started at only 6 months of age. It's been nearly 9 years and 3 kids and we are happy that our youngest is still attending Subicare knowing she will be treated extremely well, encouraged and challenged on every stage during her development.
We understand how important it is to pick the right place and we couldn't be happier about our decision.
We would reccomend Subicare to any parent without hesitation!!!!!"

Marcos B

"I would highly recommend Subicare to any family. The staff work so hard to create engaging programmes and environments that our boys love. The biggest factor that weighed for us in choosing Subicare for our kids was that so many of the staff had worked there for a number of years. We thought if they've worked there that long, it must be a lovely place to work so it would likely be a lovely place for our kids to be. That has proven incredibly accurate. The staff are all very good at what they do and perform to a high standard. It is an amazing, down to earth centre and we feel very privileged that our children are part of it."

Daisy R

“My 2.5 year old daughter is at Subicare for two days per week, and I have been very impressed with how helpful and dedicated the staff are. I feel confident she is in good hands with the Educators, eating healthy food and engaging in a wide variety of activities that stimulate her mind and personality. My daughter is happy when I drop her off, and happy after a good day. And the Administrative team have been so helpful, frequently going the extra mile to help out, which is also immensely reassuring.”

Andrew S

"Our eldest daughter started visiting Subicare three years ago and our youngest about six months ago. They both love it and I believe if it was up to them, they'd want to be there 24/7! The educators and staff are absolutely amazing. They all know everybody by name and always take the time to chat. Our girls have learnt so much in such a short time. They get opportunities to socialise and learn things I could not provide them with at home. I love the philosophy of the centre and the way they incorporate so many amazing aspects into our young ones' lives: amazing craft work, yoga sessions, French classes, attention to Aboriginal culture, passion for sustainability. As a parent, we feel happy and assured our children are in knowledgeable and safe hands. We feel privileged to be part of the Subicare community and cannot recommend their centre highly enough. "

Eveline and Gunther

“Subicare has been our second home for the last four years, our five years old daughter started going to Subicare at age of 1, our decision was based on my friend amazing experience at Subicare. It has been the best decision ever, Having no family here in Perth Subicare team became our Family, We have always felt welcomed and supported.
What I really like about Subicare:
1. Open and diverse learning environment
2. Ongoing collaboration with Parents
3. Excellent health and safety practice
4. The special bond educators and children have."

Masa T

“Subicare has been part of our family for the last 7 years for our first two children, with our third little man about to start. The Centre has been a supportive and nurturing environment for our kids, and helped us with the many day to day parenting challenges. Every child is treated as a special, individual and their own needs well understood by well qualified, caring educators. Subicare’s education program also helped our children transition easily to kindergarten and challenged them with fun extra curricular courses and experiences. Thank you Subicare - we couldn’t do it without you!"

Jane B

"We have moved to Perth in Sep 2019 and we have done some research on childcare services. We came across many providers but Subicare specifically stood out among them. Being away from our family, Subicare staff came across as very warm and welcoming family to our little one. We felt included, important and part of the Subicare extended family.
All staff are really very caring, seem happy everyday and carry positive energy. My previous experiences with childcare services were positive but I always carried the guilty feeling that I am leaving my little one behind to go to work! With Subicare, I don’t have any guilt! I feel that I am leaving my little one with a close caring family member who will offer lots of educational, experimental and emotional development opportunities which I might not be able to offer myself .
My Sofia in the balloon room loves Angelica, Mary, Michelle, Sarah and all other educators! All are very kind and super good in what they do! An employer which can keep their staff for long, tells you a lot! A happy employee can offer happiness to others."

Rola M

“Subicare would have to be one of Perth's hidden treasures with its management team and its exceptional educators
Their knowledge of early care and education is remarkable
The staff’s calm and patient qualities are rare indeed
If the quality of a centre's employees is an indication of future success, then Subicare has a very bright future”

Carly R

"Subicare is such a special place for little ones and I could not have asked for better for my daughter. All of the educators are friendly, personable and professional. In such a busy and vibrant place, it always amazes me the way everyone there takes the time to warmly greet you and eagerly fill you in about your child’s day! The staff go above and beyond to create magical, dynamic educational experiences for the children in their care. As an Early Childhood teacher myself, I am always so impressed with how committed and experienced the educators are with providing best practices and are forward thinking in their approaches. I would recommend Subicare to anyone!"

Cassie B

“After seeing way too many childcare centres, when I entered Subicare for the first time I just knew that was it. I had found THE ONE. We have two daughters that have been attending Subicare for a year and a half and I can honestly say that my first impression was right: it’s an amazing place and they both love it! They can’t wait to go there every morning and they have established wonderful relationships with both educators and other children. We work full time, and I’m so grateful to have found a nurturing place where I know that my little ones are respected, well loved, inspired and stimulated with a variety of activities that help them grow, being curious and learn to respect the world and all human beings. All educators are genuine and wonderful and they always do their best to help us and to help our daughters gaining independence and becoming more and more confident. I get already emotional thinking about their last day there, I’m gonna miss it so much, they have become part of our family. Thank you for everything you do, we really appreciate it!”

Francesca C

"We feel so confident knowing we are sending our daughters to a place where they are nurtured, challenged and supported in developing their independence. All the staff at Subicare are warm and welcoming which creates a sense of family when you walk in the door. Our girls always come home with smiling faces, telling us about all the fun they have had with their friends and their educators!"

Tegan and Alister

"We have sent both of our kids to Subicare and have been really happy with the experience. Subicare has a homely, welcoming feel, compared to some of the larger highly branded daycares. Now that our second child is in there we have a lovely sense of connection and family. They have really helped our second settle in and it has been wonderfully reassuring. Thankyou very much!"

Helen S


Acknowledgement of Country

 We at Subicare ELC recognise and respect the traditional owners of our land, the Whadjuk Noongar people, and Indigenous elders past,

 present and future. We strive to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture and perspectives within our education and practices,

 while respecting their past, and recognising that children are our future.

 Subicare is 100% commited to reconciliation.
You can view Subicare's Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) here


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Subicare is proudly a SunSmart centre.